Class description

Breath & Flow with Adri
Do you wobble when standing on one leg? This class focuses on you, as an individual, and is ideal for complete beginners as well as people who’d like to deepen their practice, in all shapes, forms and abilities.
Hatha Yoga with Noemie
The class offers a nurturing environment that is accessible to all. We will explore a range of positions that focus on different aspects of body and mind in order to become stronger and more flexible both emotionally and physically, allowing you to leave the space with greater positivity and a feeling of wellness.
Strength and stretch with Fanny
Energising vinyasa sequences with strengthening exercises and deep stretches. Embodying the cyclical nature of ebb and flow.
Mindful Hatha with Patrick
Take some time to breathe well, move mindfully and simply be. We’ll allow ourselves to settle through the breath, flow into steady, aware movement and release into deep relaxation. You can expect a safe, accessible and meditative class, held with warmth and lightness. Suitable for and open to all, this space is underpinned by kindness towards ourselves and others.
Improvers Yoga with Eva
These classes are suitable for anyone who has been attending the beginner classes or practising the basic yoga asanas for a while or/and wants to explore further, incorporating a more fluid/flowing style of hatha yoga, pranayama (breath work), meditation and looking a bit more into the yogic teachings.
Holistic Cardio Dance with Jess
Holistic Cardio Dance ~ never before seen in the fitness industry, this class offers a seamless fusion of Fitness, Dance (belly dance, African, Indian) and Yoga that is intelligently and intentionally designed to uplift women with movement that is strong, sexy and sacred. Designed for all ages, all levels, all lifestyles.
Yoga Flow with Laura
Clear away the stresses of daily life and bring balance to mind, body and spirit. Aid back pain and reduce anxiety while gaining strength, flexibility and confidence on and off of your mat. Classes have an emphasis on breath and alignment.
Student Yoga with Liberty
Student special price: £5. Liberty provides a safe and sacred place for an ultimate boost whether it be a soothing meditation or energising flow. With the pressure of university at mind, her class designed exclusively for university students is an affordable and wholesome way to unwind, restore and strengthen.