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Unlocking human potential
A slow and meditative practice...
Using the power of Breath, Motion and Posture to evoke deeper states of consciousness. BMP is a holistic practice, inspired by Hatha Yoga, that involves simple breathing-exercises, movement, postures and meditation - all in one!

The practice is designed to expand awareness, upgrade the nervous system and deepen your sense of presence.
Unfolding Meditation
Evoking a space for realignment, realization and rebalancing through guided meditations. A session designed to guide the practitioner towards the realm of pure being using the power of acknowledgement, awareness and embrace.

The meditation generally unfolds in segments, shifting between postures that includes seated and laying down. This practice has profound potency for expansion of awareness and illumination...
Soothing slow flow
A heart-led practice that will leave you calm and grounded. While focusing on safe alignment, intuitive expression is encouraged in order to guide people to listen within.
Strength and stretch flow
Energising vinyasa sequences with strengthening exercises and deep stretches. Embodying the cyclical nature of ebb and flow.
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