Teachers of Adona

Wazee Walks

Founder & Owner

Evolutionary Arts Teacher

07588 410342

Maximizing evolutionary benefit. Optimizing design living.
Since early adulthood Wazee has focused his energy towards understanding life and how we can fully blossom as human beings. His path eventually led him to found Adona Centre for Evolutionary Arts where he teaches The Art of Evolution.

His style of teaching is holistic, potent and original with much emphasis on positive transformation and evoking the deeper aspects of our being. He draws his inspiration from sciences and approaches that involve psychology, philosophy spirituality/consciousness, Yoga, holistic health and meditation. After years of dedicated seeking Wazee eventually developed The Art of Evolution: a way of living centered in the heart of fulfilling one's lifetime.

Wazee's classes are designed for teachers and students that aspire towards unlocking their true potential.

George S. C.


Evolutionary Arts Teacher

07464 626195

Guiding students through a perpetual deepening of inner experience.
George teaches the Adona signature class "Unlocking Human Potential" (similar to Hatha Yoga) & Yin Yoga with a passion to imbue the student with the magic he feels for everyday. From a young age he committed to the path of true fulfillment, leading him through many stages of self-experimentation and play.

His style of teaching is rooted in ancient philosophical knowledge paired with years of playful exploration of the body & mind. George teaches with love and compassion for every student in his class, and creates a welcoming and open space for all to reach their full potential.
George's classes are designed for people of all levels that has a sincere desire to unlock their human potential.