Adona Centre for Evolutionary Arts is an unfolding vision of holism with the mission of propelling the blossoming of human consciousness. Through art, potent technologies and distilled teachings we intend to actualize the full human potential.


Our mission at Adona is to provide an evolutionary arena that propels the blossoming of human consciousness and supports the actualization of true soul fulfillment. The studio itself is infused with a tangibly positive energy in a serene atmosphere. We approach life with a playful sincerity which is reflected in our wide range of offerings from conscious dance & concerts to mentoring & classes…

Core principals

1All human beings are good in essence
What is missing in todays world is a real understanding of what life truly is about and how we can create a world that is harmonious and purposeful.
2All human beings have the innate power to create the life they want for themselves
What is missing in people’s lives is knowledge of how and supportive environments that encourages them to continuously take new steps towards heartful greatness.
3All human beings originate from the same source
What is missing in our society today are ways of accessing our true nature and teachings that can guide us back to wholeness.
4All human beings has the potential to achieve a sense of wholeness
We organize the facets of a human being through the three major energy centers; belly, heart and head. We consider them equally valuable and necessary for living life with a sense of completeness.